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Monday, January 09, 2006

Another article

This one from July of 2005 at KentuckyDems.com.
What's $45,000 amongst friends?
Written by Dan Borsch

What would you do or not do for $10,000? For $45,000? Would you spare the rod to someone that had given you more than most people make in an entire year? What if the source of all that money was one of your largest campaign donors? Over the years Tom Delay and his political action committees have now donated at least $45,000 directly to Congresswoman Anne Northup and directed who knows how much more to her campaigns. When you have been accused of multiple ethical complaints and have already been admonished repeatedly by the House Ethics Committee it is smart business to ensure that no members of your party are itching to dig deeper to seek the truth.

With a recent gift of $10,000 dollars from the Americans for a Republican Majority Political Action Committee, a "PAC" that Tom Delay controls, our Congresswoman has now received at least $45,000 to help in her always competitive re-election campaigns. If you gave someone $45,000 would you expect a quid pro quo relationship to exist? What if that same person had the ability to direct even more money into your pockets? So far in 2005 our Congresswoman has received nearly twice as much money from PACs than from individual donors. A large percentage of the PAC money has come from fellow members of Congress and specifically from some of the most conservative members. What do they expect in return? Are they being directed to give money to fellow members by the Republican House Leadership of which Tom Delay is a member?

How can a member of Congress take $10,000 from a fellow member of Congress's PAC while the same member has been accused of numerous ethical violations and then still remain neutral towards establishing an ethics investigation into that same member? I don't know the answer, but I believe this community is owed an answer to this question by our Congresswoman.


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