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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Tom Delay Factor?

I found this in Political Wire. I've been saying all along that Congresswoman Anne Northup is very vulnerable and I'm guessing that she was one of the members who is alarmed with the GOP's potential struggles. The polling was done by GOP media strategist Patrick Hynes.
According to the polling: "No fewer than four Republican members of Congress in 'vulnerable' seats have received recent internal polling data that shows 'a Tom DeLay effect' that appears to give 'any Democrat' on the ballot question an average of 10 percentage points against the incumbent."

Hynes also reports "these polls came up at a recent House Republican Conference meeting, with a number of members expressing serious alarm about the GOP’s prospects in 2006."
Also, I reported that an announcement will be made prior to December 25th. It may be happening afterwards...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tom Delay was already indicted, the Presidents numbers were the lowest they had ever been in Kentucky, gas was at an all time high and the news on the economy was still being stiffeled by doomsday democrats when the DCCC polled Jack Conway in a head-to-head with Anne Northup What were the results? Northup was beating Jack bad enough to keep him out of the race so you tell me what those numbers must have looked like. So with all of this said, what on earth makes you think a kid with no experience, no name recognition and no bank roll could do what Jack Conway, John Y Brown III, Heather French, Marc Murphy & Senator Neil could not? Please, enlighten us all Daniel.

4:56 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wait until Duke Cunningham, Ney, Rove, and Jack Abramoff have sung like the jailbirds they are. Anne will no longer have anyone to donate to her campaign. So sad. Congress has become pay to play and Anne is right in the middle of it. I would support a yellow dog instead of Anne ;)

6:00 PM


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