Dan Borsch is president of the Louisville-Jefferson County Young Democrats. No one has filed against Anne Northup yet. The goal of this blog is to encourage support of Dan Borsch in a potential run for Congress.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Day 2

After I started this site yesterday, I've been sending the link around to fellow Democrats, bloggers. I have also been posting about it on national blogs.

Following the state party fundraiser in Louisville last night, an anonymous source has confirmed that Dan Borsch will be a candidate for Congress. An announcement will be made prior to December 25th. This is good news for the 3rd Congressional District of Kentucky. Since Jack Conway ruled out a run, no one else has stepped up to the plate. If you recall, yesterday afternoon, I started up a this website. I am pleased that he has chosen to enter his hat in the ring. It will be an uphill battle but I will work as hard as I can for Dan Borsch.

As to a change in the link? I am not sure yet. Maybe after Dan announces his candidacy. I will definitely change the title though.

Where does Dan Borsch stand on the issues? That's a good question. I'm not entirely sure and I will work to find out where he stands.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Daniel, Daniel, Daniel... oh, my goodness, Daniel.... Well, Daniel, if you wanted to convince me that we could do far better than Dan Borsch, you've done an excellent job. You know him, you've worked with him, you've learned enough about him to decide that he would be a great candidate for the U.S. Congress... and yet you know nothing about where he stands or what he believes in.

Sounds to me like he's the kind of amoral, valueless, unprincipled, ambitious politician so many people have come to expect from the Democratic Party, and not the courageous, forceful advocate of unabashedly progressive values we so desperately need if we're ever going to recover the political upper hand.

Maybe Borsch is a nice guy. Maybe he's even got good, strong values. And maybe, if he starts talking about them now - so that someone who knew him as well as you appear to couldn't possibly be ignorant of what he stood for - then maybe, just maybe, he'll make a worthwhile candidate for some office or other in a couple years. Until then, I'll pass; we can surely do better.

2:09 PM

Anonymous Michael S said...

To Anonymous Poster,

You critize Daniel Solzman for not knowing where Dan stands on issues, but then you yourself critize Dan without knowing where he stands? Talk about hipocracy!

Knowing Dan, I'd say your assumption is 100% wrong. Dan is a "courageous, forceful advocate of unabashedly progressive values we so desperately need" in my opinion.

I imagine that Daniel has a good idea where Dan stands on most issues. Maybe he respects people enough to let Dan define himself if he so chooses, rather than make the idiotic assumptions you have.

10:35 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or...try this on for size...Maybe Daniel really has no idea what he is talking about. But great, let's elect another Democrat who has no ideas, hey here's an idea, let's elect Daniel Solzman he fits the mold.

5:34 PM


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